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Deer Presents Hunter With the Easiest Possible Shot

Well Placed Shot
YouTube: N DUB

This hunter does not have to wait long for the perfect shot.

Have you ever had one of those days where all the lights were green the whole way home from work? Well, it seems that this guy was having one of those days.

Sitting quietly in the woods hunting, three deer are startled and come running in his direction. Then, at just the right moment, one of them stops and almost poses for him.

A well-placed shot topples the first one, and the hunter calmly turns to squeeze out a shot at a second deer. It seems as though the second shot was successful as well, although not with instant results like the first.

This hunter is filling the freezer this year.

It is a shot like this that we should all wait and hope for. Shots like these are quick and humane.

Congratulations to this hunter and I hope your year was as successful.



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Deer Presents Hunter With the Easiest Possible Shot