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Phone Skope Provides Digiscopes of the Future [VIDEO]

The outdoor products destined for success are the ones that satisfy a technological need as quickly as it's available. That pretty much sums up what Phone Skope is doing.

Admit it, you've become so entrusting with your smartphone, that you feel cheated when you can't achieve some definitive task that's popped into your head. Just because you thought of it now doesn't give technology an excuse for not already solving the problem, right?!

OK, maybe that's a cheap shot at our reliance on smartphones and their capabilities, but in all honesty, when a problem comes along in the sportsman's world, there's usually a good opportunity to capitalize.

That's just what Phone Skope has done with their interesting new gadget that can turn just about any cellphone or other device's camera into a viewer for binoculars, spotting scopes, microscopes, and telescopes.

See what sort of stuff they're capable of in this video.

And for more reference, check out this scene of some massive mule deer captured using a Phone Skope.

The hunting applications of the Phone Skope are point blank, but it's a really versatile tool as well. Plus, the social sharing opportunities, along with the versatility and ease of use, make it one of those gadgets that once you hear about, you instantly realize you need.

Take a look at what Phone Skope can do for your hunting, scouting, and sport shooting tasks and ask yourself how much longer you can go without it.

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Phone Skope Provides Digiscopes of the Future [VIDEO]