Who Says You Can't Kill A Hog From The Couch?

Who Says You Can't Kill a Hog From the Couch?

They say you can't kill 'em from the couch, but is that really true? Glenn Guess puts that theory to the test in another one of his hog hunting videos.  

Clearly people who say that are referring to hunters who would rather stay home and watch TV than be in the woods actually hunting. What if a hunter were to put a couch out in the woods? Is it possible to shoot a hog from it?

Glenn Guess has made a name for himself by calling in hogs with Convergent Hunting Solutions hog calls, and he decided to see if he could get one into range from an old couch his friend loaned him.

They brought the couch out to what looked like a promising location, Glenn set up his hog call and shooting sticks, then started his calling sequence.

Watch the video to see how it all went down for him.

I think this video proves that it is indeed possible to kill a hog from the couch under certain circumstances. Namely, the couch needs to be out in the woods, and you need to really be on your game.

As you saw, even though he was able to coax that sow into shooting range with his hog call, she was still pretty nervous and could sense that something wasn't right.

However, Glenn was ready and took a shot with his 7mm Rem Mag before she bolted, and the hog didn't make it far after that. For what it's worth, he was using Hornady Full Boar ammo loaded with their 139 GMX bullet.

Nice work Glenn!

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