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Here's a Textbook Hog Calling Setup

hog call

Glenn from Hog Zombies shows us the perfect hog calling setup.

When hunting out of an ideal setup, calling for hogs can be really action-packed. However, hogs are pretty darn smart and there's a good chance they'll bust you if you're not doing everything right.

Luckily, this video does a good job of showing prospective hunters what a good hog calling setup looks like.

Watch the video to see what I mean.

First, you need to be hunting in an area where there are hogs. In this case, they'd identified some bedding areas down in a creek with a good source of water where the hogs liked to hang out during the day.

Then, they set up on a field with a good crosswind and put their call out in front of them. This forced the hogs to go out into the open and expose themselves to a shot if they wanted to get downwind of the call.

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Here's a Textbook Hog Calling Setup