You Won't Believe What Happens After These Guys Turn On Their Hog Call

You Won't Believe What Happens After These Hunters Turn on Their Hog Call

These hunters got a little more than they expected when they turned on their hog call on a recent hog hunt in Texas.

Though you may have seen them for sale in some of the big outdoor stores, hog calls are something of a contentious subject among hunters. Do they really work? Or are they just a waste of money?

Before you pass judgement, you need to see what happens when these hunters in Texas activated their hog call. The action comes fast and furious!

Who says you can't call hogs? Good thing they were loaded for bear, because the hogs really came pouring out of the woods to see what was going on!

Now, using a hog call isn't a guarantee of success. Just like when calling for predators, elk, or turkey, hog calls work best when used strategically in an area with lots of hogs. However, when it works, the results can be incredible. 

On another note, this situation really shows off some of the benefits of hunting with suppressors. Those guys were sitting very close together and fired off a lot of rounds in a very short amount of time. When all said and done, nobody had bleeding or ringing ears.

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