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Thermal Hog Hunting: 22 Hogs in One Night

thermal hog hunting

Watch as a couple of hunters lay the smack down and shoot 22 hogs in one night during this wild and crazy thermal hog hunting trip.

Hogs are very intelligent and adaptable animals and learn very quickly to not venture out during the day in areas where there is lots of hunting pressure. When this occurs, doing some thermal hog hunting at night quickly becomes one of the few reliable ways to keep their numbers in check.

As you can see in the video below, that can be an extremely effective way of doing business.

Let's be clear here: this is not fair chase hunting. This is pest control. Instead of comparing it to hunting, compare it to an exterminator wiping out a colony of termites or rats.

It's estimated that feral hogs are responsible for over $1 billion in property damage the United States each year (notice the setting of the video). A sow is sexually mature by her first birthday and when there is lots of food available, she can give birth to up to three litters of 2-8 piglets each year.

Since hogs have no natural predators over most of their range in the United States, it is easy to see how their population can get out of control very quickly. Luckily, many of the best states for hunting hogs realize the severity of the problem and their seasons and bag limits on hogs are very liberal (or non-existent). Additionally, it is legal to hunt hogs at night and with the aid of a light or night vision equipment in many of those states, including Georgia (where this video was filmed).

Now just because it isn't technically fair chase hunting doesn't mean it can't be fun. The guys in the video appear to be having a blast and I'll bet those hogs will think twice before they visit that farmer's field again. Keep up the good work guys!

If you're interested in doing some night hunting of your own, and can get to Texas, it's worth giving Ox Ranch a look, as they're set up to offer this kind of experience in one of the best places to do it.

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Thermal Hog Hunting: 22 Hogs in One Night