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Keith Warren is Hunting Hogs with Silencers in (Where Else?) Texas

Hunting Hogs With Silencers Featuring Keith Warren In Texas

Ever wanted to try hunting hogs with silencers? Well, Keith Warren went hog hunting with a silenced Savage Model 10.

Keith Warren got his Savage Model 10 (chambered in .308 Winchester) modified to have a custom-made, full-length suppressor integrated into the barrel. According to him, the gunsmith did such a good job that the suppressor did not adversely affect the accuracy of his rifle.

He then took his new toy to a ranch just outside of Houston, Texas to see how it would work on a hog hunt. Check out the video to see how it worked out for him.

As you can see, the suppressor worked beautifully. All you could hear was a "pop" caused by the supersonic shock wave generated by each bullet. In fact, the noise made by cycling the bolt on the rifle was almost as loud as the actual gunshot.

Since he shot both hogs in the brain/spine, both dropped instantly in their tracks. Had he been more aggressive, he likely could have taken a few more hogs out of that group, since they did not seem too alarmed by the lack of a gunshot and the fact that both of their buddies dropped in their tracks.

A high-quality suppressor like this one, mounted on a semi-automatic rifle and combined with some thermal optics would be an absolutely deadly combination for some serious hog eradication work.

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Keith Warren is Hunting Hogs with Silencers in (Where Else?) Texas