Here's One Way To Call In A Big Boar Hog
YouTube: Hog Zombies

Here's One Way to Call in a Big Boar

Calling hogs can be a pretty effective hunting strategy.

Glenn Guess of Hog Zombies has spent a lot of time hunting hogs in Texas and probably knows more about calling hogs than anyone else out there.

While it's absolutely possible to call in a big boar using a wide variety of sounds mimicking a piglet in distress or a sounder of hogs feeding, those calls were also likely to bring in sows, young boars or even coyotes.

For that reason, he decided to develop a brand-new calling sequence specifically for targeting big boars that was much less likely to attract non-target animals.

Watch the video to see how well it works.

Pretty cool, right?

This particular call is intended to attract a single, big boar, rather than a whole swarm of younger hogs. For that reason, you're probably better off using a high-power, precision bolt-action rifle like this, as opposed to a modern sporting rifle chambered in .223 or .300 Blackout. Nothing is guaranteed, though, and an MSR will certainly do the job with good shot placement.

Regardless of what rifle you're hunting with, make sure you're ready to go when you turn on that call because things can get interesting really quickly!

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