Calling Feral Hogs With Kendall Jones

Calling Feral Hogs With Kendall Jones

Watch as Kendall Jones goes out on a hunt with Byron South of Convergent Hunting Solutions to demonstrate just how effective calling feral hogs can be.

As Glenn Guess of Hog Zombies has shown in his numerous videos, calling feral hogs can be pretty darn exciting. It can also work really well for luring wary hogs into shooting range from a sanctuary of some sort.

That's exactly what happened on this hunt with Kendall Jones and Byron South. They spotted a big hog from their truck, but that hog was located on some property where they didn't have permission to hunt. So, they kept driving and then snuck back towards the hog on foot. Once they got close to where they saw the hog, they started calling with their Convergent Hunting Solutions call in an attempt to entice the hog to cross the property line.

Watch the video to see how things went.

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As you can see, the hog did exactly what they wanted by crossing the fence line and offering Kendall a shot. Even the unexpected appearance of a ranch hand driving down the road didn't deter the hog from coming over to investigate the sounds emitted from their hog call.

This video also does a good job of showing why modern sporting rifles chambered in cartridges like .223 Remington and .300 Blackout are so popular with hog hunters. Their minimal recoil and large magazines, pay dividends when it comes to hog hunting. You could see proof of this when Kendall made a good shot to the hog's shoulder, but it took a second one to put the boar down for good.

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