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YouTube: Hog Zombies

Feral Hog Immediately Responds to Perfect Call

How do you know you're in a good spot and on a hot streak? How about when you can call in a sow less than two minutes after turning your call on!

In order to successfully call in hog, you need a decent hunting spot with some hogs in the area. You also need to know what you're doing when it comes to calling in animals.

However, a little bit of luck doesn't hurt either. In this particular case, Glenn and Michelle Guess of Hog Zombies had literally been sitting down with their Convergent Hunting Solutions Bullet HP call on for less than two minutes before a sow emerged from the woods on the other side of the clearing.

Even though Michelle wasn't quite ready and was still getting set up, she noticed that hog almost immediately and quickly got on target.

Watch the video below to see how it all went down.

That's another good example of why you should get completely set up before turning that call on, because literally anything can happen once you start calling. It's also a good demonstration of the importance of being quiet while you're walking to your hunting spot, because they very likely walked right past that sow on their way in.

Fortunately, Michelle was paying attention, kept her composure, and made a good shot before that hog realized what was going on.

Interestingly enough, they were calling using some of Glenn's boar specific sounds that are intended to attract dominant boars, but a sow came in instead. Who knows, maybe that sow was lonely or was about to come into heat like Glenn speculated at the end of the video.

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