You Need To See These Hunters In Texas Call In A Boar From His Nap

You Need to See These Hunters in Texas Call in a Boar From His Nap

You know you're doing well at calling hogs when you can entice a big boar to wake up from a nap and come in to investigate.

While successfully calling hogs does require a lot of skill, there's still a bit of chance involved with things as well. After all, you never never really know what will happen when you turn on that call because almost anything, from literally nothing happening to a sounder of dozens of hogs coming in, can happen.

In this particular video, Michelle and Glenn Guess of Hog Zombies were taking a break from turkey hunting in Texas due to poor weather conditions and decided to do a little hog calling instead. They set up near a thicket they suspected was a prime hog bedding area and turned on the call.

As Glenn demonstrated when he shot a sow while he was literally sitting on a couch in the woods, hogs will respond to a call when they're curious enough.

Well, that's exactly what happened here with a big boar that looked like he woke up from a nap and came in to investigate.

Watch the video to see how it all went down.

Glenn has developed his own personal mix of sounds developed specifically to target boars (instead of females or mixed groups). That's what they were using on this particular hunt, and things turned out pretty much like he wanted.

That boar thought some other boars had moved into his territory with a receptive female and woke up from his nap to run them off. Did you see how the boar looked like he was yawning? He was posturing to show how tough he was and to exhibit dominance over any other boars in the area.

As big and tough as that boar was, he didn't quite know what he was getting into when he came into the call.

Once again, Michelle was using her trusty 7mm Rem Mag from Alamo Precision Rifles as her go to hog hunting gun. As you saw, she made a great shot that dropped that big old boar in his tracks.

Nice work Guys!

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