white bass run
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Want to Cash in on the White Bass Run? Grab a Fly Rod

The white bass run is busting just about everywhere. Want to have some fun? 

Every spring white bass make their journey from reservoirs and lakes all over the country to spawn. When this happens, they flood small feeder streams or rivers that connect to these bodies of water in insane numbers that are hard to believe. When this white bass run happens, if you are ready, you will be in for some fish catching mayhem you may never have expected. With a fly rod in your hands, good gracious, you are going to have to some fun.

However, before you can get after this white bass run, you better have a few flies on hand that will get the job done. To make things simple, anything that looks like a small minnow will work. Look for clousers or any small streamer. White is often times the best choice, but chartreuse can be awfully effective as well.

Beyond the fly choice, the right rod is also extremely important. Anything fairly light weight is your best bet. There is no need to overpower a white bass, so something in the four to five weight range should be more than enough.

As far as the water, start looking to mouths of rivers and streams when the water hits about 55 degrees. The males will run first, followed by the bigger females. If the timing is right, 12 to 19 inch whites will be there waiting for you and quite ready to test whatever you are ready to throw at them.