pike eating bass
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Video Proof That Pike Eating Bass Found Frozen in Ice Wasn't a Hoax

Have you ever found a pike eating a bass while encased in ice? These brothers did and it's awesome.

Two brothers, Anton and Alex Babich, came across a rare and incredible sight while ice fishing a Wawasee Lake in northern Indiana on January 10: a pike eating a bass fully frozen in ice.

This picture-perfect depiction of the food chain was unlike anything they'd ever seen, so the boys snapped some images and posted them on Facebook.

pike eating bass

Alex Babich/Facebook

Word of the unusual find spread quickly, with some folk feeling that the pics were somehow fake. So, in order to answer to the naysayers—as well as share the mind-boggling phenomenon with everyone—they headed back out to the small bay January 13 with chainsaw in hand.

Check out this awesome video:

Here's what Alex said about that morning, from a posting he made to his Facebook page:

"We cut them out with my chainsaw today. It's been raining, we lost quite a bit of the top layer of ice, a lot of the bass is now exposed, where -it was all under the ice before. The pike ended up only being 25 inches long roughly. That ice/water sure made it look bigger before, haha!
Over all- pretty cool find! It was neat to cut them out and flop 'em on the ice."

What's your theory on how the two fish ended up like this? Do you think the bass was alive and the pike choked to death? Or the bass was already dead when the pike bit off more than it could chew? Or, as some believe, a lightning-quick flash freeze occurred, encasing both fish while alive in a tomb of death?

All we can say is, that has to be one of the coolest 'rescue' videos we've ever seen!