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Angler Ices Monster 45-Inch Northern Pike in Colorado

northern pike
Andre Grizz Cameron / Facebook

Big fish alert! This brute of a northern pike through the ice is one fishing video you need to watch!

Andre Grizz Cameron had no idea what was in store for him when he drilled through five inches of solid black ice on Boxing Day in search of rainbow trout. An experienced ice angler, Cameron has caught his fair share of big fish. This one, however, definitely tops them all.

Using six-pound-test line and a one-inch jig tipped with a wax worm, reeling in a northern pike was the furthest from this angler’s mind. That’s why when one hit – and a trophy fish at that – he was more surprised than anyone.

According to Cameron’s Facebook page, the fight lasted more than one hour in length. It also came close to spooling 100 yards of line during the epic battle.

Here’s the incredible footage:

Some pretty tense moments as that monster northern pike swam mere inches below the clear ice! When the smoke settled, this trophy fish measured in at 45 inches and weighed a whopping 27 pounds. That’s just 3lbs 11oz. shy of the current Colorado state record, caught by Tim Bone in 2006. As a comparison, Bone’s fish measured 46.5 inches.

northern pike

northern pike

After being measured and weighed, the fish was returned to the water to swim again. Cameron plans to have a reproduction mount produced to immortalize the incredible catch.

northern pike

For those wondering, the reel Cameron was using is a Black Betty Inline made by 13.

If you want to feast your eyes on another iced monster pike, check out Ashley Rae’s trophy catch. It’s definitely worthy of a watch.

A tip of the ice fishing cap to you, Andre. You got your hands on the best Boxing Day bargain of them all!

Photos Courtesy of Andre Grizz Cameron


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Angler Ices Monster 45-Inch Northern Pike in Colorado