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Five Must-Have Largemouth Bass Lures and How to Work Them

Justin Hoffman

Looking to be more successful at the bass fishing game? Ensure these five lures are stocked in your box.

Largemouth bass can be caught on a veritable array of lures. Some, however, work best at hooking an angler and nary a fish. And although tackle shop walls are lined to the roof with countless lures, here are five must-haves that are guaranteed to get you some action.

1. Flipping jig

Flipping Jig - Trailer

The flipping jig is the bread-and-butter of bass fishing. Generally thought of as a 'big bass' bait, this lure excels when fish are lurking under cover, namely docks, undercut cane, pads, weed clumps, and slop.

Use in tandem with a soft plastic craw imitation. In terms of color, black and blue or brown and black can't be beat.

Flip or pitch this bait to cover - both surface and sub-surface - and slowly work it in place with a lift and drop technique.

2. Spinnerbait


A simple bait to use, the spinnerbait can literally be thrown out and reeled in. Speed can be a factor, so let the fish dictate if they would prefer a burned-in bait or a slow-rolled one. White or chartreuse fit the bill for color and you can't go wrong with a 1/2 ounce model.

Toss this bait over the top of emergent weeds, across shallow flats, or tight into cover.

3. Shallow crankbait

Shallow Running Crankbait

This shad-style bait with the short square lip is a natural producer. When tossed along and over shallow cover, such as wood, weed, or docks, they ring the dinner bell for largemouth bass.

Match the hatch by choosing a natural hue and look for a diving depth of one to two feet.

4. Topwater popper

Topwater Popper

Nothing is more thrilling than watching a largemouth bass launch a surface assault on a topwater bait. The popper is one of the best out there.

Moving water, due to the concave mouth, produces sound and surface agitation that will call fish from afar. Equally at home over shallow or deep water, this bait is a thrill to fish. Don't lose sleep over lure color - all work equally well under most conditions.

5. Soft plastic frog

Soft Plastic Frog

This is one heck of a fun lure to fish! Weedless by design, toss a frog into the most snag-infested water you can find - such as across pads, slop, and weed clumps.

Experiment with cadence and pause-rates on the retrieve, and try to wait two seconds before setting the hooks when a fish strikes. A frog just shy of three inches in length gets the nod and natural colors often work best.

Ensure that your tackle box is stocked with these five must-have lures this season. They are all relatively easy to fish and won't break the bank. And best of all - they are guaranteed to catch fish.

Photos: Justin Hoffman


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Five Must-Have Largemouth Bass Lures and How to Work Them