Mammoth Burbot is Pending New Ontario Record

This giant burbot looks to be the new Ontario record, and the entire catch and weigh process was captured on film.

Imagine catching only your second fish of a certain specie and it turns out to be a new pending record? That's exactly what happened to Orillia, Ontario angler Sebastien Roy, while fishing Lake Simcoe January 25. And for this avid ice fisherman, it looks like the Ontario burbot record is his for the taking.

The burbot is a cod-like freshwater fish that also goes by the moniker 'poor man's lobster' - due in part to its delicious taste. A deep-dwelling fish that is often found close to bottom, they are a unique-looking specie that were often thought of as a nuisance, but are gaining popularity in recent years.

Roy hit the ice of Lake Simcoe with good buddy Steve Rowbotham on that fateful day, and lucky for us, they both share a love for filming fishing action. Because of this, we're treated to a behind-the-scenes peek at the hooking, fighting, landing, and weighing of this record-setting fish.

Roy's fish measured a hefty 17.9 pounds and measured nearly 39 inches long and 19 inches around. Talk about a lot of 'lobster' there!

Less than a year after the current pending Ontario record burbot was caught (16.8 pounds) it looks like Roy's fish will dethrone it. As you saw in the video, these guys followed all the correct steps to ensure this record fish will be recognized. Congrats on the fish-of-a-lifetime, Sebastien!