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Double Header Walleye and No Net: What Do You Do?!

double-header walleye

This fishing duo had quite a predicament: two walleye hooked but net to land them! How will it play out?

Ashley Rae and Eric Riley were out for a day of trolling November 27 on the fish-fertile waters of the Bay of Quinte. Walleye were on the agenda, and this experienced pair had already landed a few, including this trophy ten-pounder which had buckled and broke the net earlier. Can you see were this story is headed?

The first rod fires and Rae begins to do battle with a feisty fish. That's when Riley humorously states: 'Oh yeah, no net! Haha!" Moments later, he's fighting a fish himself! Two walleye hooked--one being a big girl--and only a broken net in the boat. Think they can land them both?

Rae and Riley for the hand saves! Nothing says team work like gloving a trophy walleye for your fishing partner. And Rae said it best with this line, amongst over-exuberant giggles:

This is redonkulous!

With a trophy fish such as this--and a broken net on board--your best hope would be that your partner doesn't get a case of the dreaded butter fingers.

double-header walleye

Be sure to follow along on Ashley Rae's fishing adventures here.

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Double Header Walleye and No Net: What Do You Do?!