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Video: Hanes and Rogan Team Up for Epic Utah Elk Hunt

cam hanes
Under Armor Hunt/YouTube

"We heard the one bull that sounded like Jurassic Park."

There are many hunt videos out there that claim to be "epic." Some live up to the hype, but most fall short. This latest Ridge Reaper film, however, is the definition of epic, and that's no bull.

Cam Hanes and Joe Rogan have a passion for hunting that systematically pulls the viewer in. They take you along for the ride, and as you're about to see, it's a hell of an awesome one.

So sit back and prepare to be glued to your screen for the next 10 minutes:

Was I right about using the word epic? Talk about one thrilling hunt in the God-given beauty of Utah.

Way to keep hammering, guys, and thank you for bringing us along with you.

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Video: Hanes and Rogan Team Up for Epic Utah Elk Hunt