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HBO Real Sports Interviews Joe Rogan About Hunting [VIDEO]

Joe Rogan joins the hunter and harvester ranks.

Joe Rogan has been on NewsRadio, Fear Factor, and hosts Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) shows. Now he's a part of a new movement called "Eat What You Kill."

It's about encouraging people to hunt for their own meat by promoting education and networking among hunters. Here he is talking about it on HBO's Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel.

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In the interview, Rogan says he was remarkably nervous about his first hunting experience, which happened to be with hunting personality Steven Rinella. He claimed the adrenaline rush was difficult to control. When he was asked if he felt any kind of guilt he said no, but he did experience a feeling of loss just like when there is any death.

Sounds similar to many first-time hunters' experiences, as well as seasoned outdoorsmen. Maybe the nerves decrease, but other feelings don't.

Good for Joe for finding this movement, but really, what took him so long? Plenty of sportsmen have been hunting for their food, or at least good portions of it, for a long time.

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HBO Real Sports Interviews Joe Rogan About Hunting [VIDEO]