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Cody Robbins Harvests a Final Hour Beast of a Muley Buck

cody robbins
LIVE 2 HUNT with Cody and Kelsy/Facebook

There's nothing like bagging a deer in the final hours of a hunt, let alone a deer like this.

When it comes to hunting personalities, none are more well respected in the community than Cody Robbins. His enthusiasm is infection, and his love for the sport is admirable. When it comes to harvesting giant muley bucks, his passion truly is unstoppable.

November 14 is a date that Cody surely will have a hard time forgetting. That Tuesday was the last day of his Saskatchewan mule deer draw tag hunt, and for those that chase deer, trying to tag out in the final hours can be a tough feat to make happen. That wasn't the case here.

Read the incredible story behind Cody's last day heroics, as posted to his Facebook page LIVE 2 HUNT with Cody and Kelsy:

"AN ABSOLUTE KING BUCK ON THE LAST DAY AT 3pm!!!... I have crossed paths with this buck SO MANY TIMES over the last four years, and every single time I see him, HE TAKES MY BREATH AWAY!!!

When I woke up yesterday morning, on what was the last day of my Saskatchewan mule deer draw tag, I never in a MILLION YEARS thought I would be getting a crack at a ONCE IN A LIFETIME BUCK like this gorgeous animal.

By lunch time we were thinking outside the box... We decided to take a smal...l trip back to every Saskatchewan hunters roots and "PUSH BUSH"... And in the final three hours of the season, this KING BUCK BURST OUT OF THE TIMBER IN FRONT OF ME 300 YARDS AWAY, coming STRAIGHT FOR ME running flat out like SECRETARIAT!!!

I want you to take a second and try to imagine a buck this BEAUTIFUL coming at you LIKE A FREIGHT TRAIN, and anticipating the pressure of having to hit him ON THE RUN...

The first shot, I settled the crosshairs of my Razor HD about 18 inches in front of his chest...BOOM!!!.... The kick of my Cooper 7mm kept me from seeing my bullet... There was no smack... I MISSED!!! I racked another shell... I BARED DOWN a bit more... BOOM... Nothing... And the big old buck shifted gears... I racked my last shell and dug as deep as I could... BOOM... No smack, and I still couldn't see where I was hitting!!! I glanced up at him, and realized he was going to be in sight for SIX MORE SECONDS, MAYBE!!!... I desperately dug in my pocket for another round, I grasped one tight with my fingers, ripped it out of my pocket, and slammed it in the chamber of my Cooper and closed the bolt!!! I shouldered my rifle and settled my crosshairs on his chest just as he was about to disappear out of sight... BOOM!!!... This GIANT OLD BUCK FOLDED IN MID AIR AND SKIDDED OUT OF SIGHT OVER THE HILL!!!!!!!!! I GOT HIM!!!!

There's no way on earth THIS MOMENT COULD HAVE BEEN MORE EXCITING!!!... I looked back at cameraman RICHY as he offered to give me "knuckles"... Unfortunately for him, knuckles Just wasn't good enough for this moment... In my excitement, I SLAMMED HIM TO THE GROUND SO HARD HE ALMOST BIT HIS TONGUE OFF!!!

Walking up to a buck this AMAZING is an opportunity every hunter should have the chance to do at some point in their lifetime. I will never ever forget this moment as long as I live.

This buck is over 30 inches inside, and he's LARGER THAN LIFE!!!

This show is going to be one of the GREATEST EPISODES WE WILL EVER AIR."

Cody Robbins

The night of the hunt, Cody posted the following teaser photo get us excited:

Cody Robbins

If this story wasn't epic enough already, Cody shared another surprise on his Facebook page Nov. 17:

"MY LIFE LONG BEST FRIEND DOWNED A GIANT TOO!!!... Shane Hunter tagged this 203" KING BUCK with his Cooper .257 WBY in the final stages of the season also... The last time we got "BUDDY PICS" like this, we were 14 years old.

The footage Shane's wife Jolene captured of this hunt, over his shoulder is SECOND TO NONE!!!

Two ABSOLUTE KING BUCKS... 428 inches of bone between the two of them. WE'RE THE LUCKIEST GUYS ON EARTH!!!

Not many people can say they've had the same best friend their entire lives... I value and cherish the privilege to hunt GIANT MULIES like this, BUT the thing I love the most about the sport of hunting, is the friendships that have come from it.

CONGRATS SHANER!!! Nobody on earth has spent their lives with a better hunting partner than me, thanks to you."

Cody Robbins

What a sweet double-shot pic! Now that is what we call a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Thanks for sharing, Cody, and we can't wait to watch this hunt unfold on TV!

Images Courtesy of LIVE 2 HUNT with Cody and Kelsy/Facebook.

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Cody Robbins Harvests a Final Hour Beast of a Muley Buck