Dream Buck
Facebook Screenshot: Jennifer Pudenz

Hunter Harvests Her Dream Buck and Is Overwhelmed With Pure Emotion

"Just raw emotion I'll never apologize for. If you told me to dream big, I'd still never be able to dream this."

The harvest of an animal has the ability to affect us in different ways. For some it manifests itself in feelings of intense elation. For others it may trigger sombre reflection. But for Jennifer Pudenz, founder and editor of Adventuress magazine, recognizing she had arrowed her dream buck - and a true legend of the woods - triggered emotions as raw and as human as they come.

She also wasn't afraid to post the video on social media for the whole world to see.

Simply put, here's the true meaning of hunting, summed up in thirty seconds:

"Just raw emotion I'll never apologize for. Unbelievable. If you told me to dream big, I'd still never be able to dream this. This buck is a legend to us - is a ghost. I hit him back angling forward and it ended up being liver/lung like I thought, but with a buck like this I was so scared to not play it safe as I had watched him bed, get up and walk away. We went in after an agonizing 24 hours and found him right away."

Hunting is about hard work. The endless pursuit that is fueled by a dream. It's about accomplishing goals. And in the end, when that trophy buck drops, it's also about tears. Tears of happiness; tears of unbridled thanks.

Congrats on your dream buck, Jennifer. And thanks for sharing with us a more human side of hunting. We think it's awesome.

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