Scott Sessions/Billings Gazette

Feast Your Eyes on Montana's New Non-typical Bull Elk Record

"I didn't spend $10,000. I didn't have a guide or pay a trespass fee. I'm just a regular Joe Montana."

Chances are this is the first time you're hearing about Garth Sessions monster Montana bull elk. Undoubtedly overshadowed by Steven Felix's new world record bull taken with a bow that garnered all the interest, Sessions non-typical bull merely earned a smattering of likes and well-wishes on social media.

The immensity of this harvest, however, is finally coming to light. And that's because it's a new state record.

Sessions and his brother Scott set up hunt camp on public land near Powder River County on Veteran's Day 2016, as he recalled with The Billings Gazette. The boy's father tagged out quickly on a cow elk while Scott pulled the trigger on a 'branch-antlered' bull. It was then Garth missed his chance on a big bull, and with work calling him away from camp, hunting would have to take a back seat until another day.

But then a strange twist of fate came to fruition. A good friend, Russ Anzalone, told him he had spotted a really big bull some two to four miles away. So while Sessions worked, Anzalone would update him with tabs on the trophy animal. By the time those shifts came to an end, Sessions was eager to get back out there.

It wasn't an easy feat to find this new bull, and if it wasn't for accidentally leaving his binoculars in the truck - and deciding to trudge back for them - there's a chance you might not be reading this story right now. Because while heading in the direction of the truck is when he came face to face with what would become Montana's new non-typical record.

The massive bull elk was hit with two rounds from Sessions' .300 Winchester Magnum rifle. It dropped exactly where it stood. And boy was it ever big.

Here's the first photo of the animal, taken with Sessions cell phone, shortly after the kill:

Montana Bull Elk Record

Garth Sessions/Billings Gazette

The massive elk scored 431 7/8 with main beams measuring 55 inches long. In comparison, the new world record elk scored 430.

A truly massive elk and one heck of a cool story. Congrats, Garth. We're sure glad your workplace didn't ask you to put in any overtime.

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