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Boone & Crockett

This Monster Montana Elk is the New World Record with a Bow

Monster Montana elk is the largest ever taken with archery equipment.

The hunting world lit up last September when news came out of Montana about a monster of a bull elk that was believed to be a potential world record.

Well, after the 60-day drying period, Boone & Crockett has confirmed the 8x7 bull is just that, the largest ever taken with a bow at 430 inches even. We also now have a name to go with the hunter: the record bull fell to Montana resident Steve Felix.

It wasn't quite big enough to beat the overall world record of 442-5/8, a record that has stood for an incredible 117 years now, but it is the largest bull taken in nearly a half-century.

"History was made right here in Montana," Boone & Crockett Club director Justin Spring said in a press release. "This is the fourth-largest bull in our records which date back to before 1900, the largest since 1968 and the largest from the state of Montana."

The bull should also find a spot in the Pope & Young record books, but still has to be scored by a panel. That is slated to happen in early April at the Pope & Young Club's Biennial Convention and Big Game Awards Ceremony in St. Louis.

The bull should easily blow that record out of the water as well; the current archery world record is 412-1/8.

The news of this bull being confirmed a world record comes just a few days after Boone & Crockett also confirmed the monster non-typical whitetail buck taken by Stephen Tucker is a new world record as well. Seems it was one heck of a year for world-class animals!