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100 Things That Make Hunting One of the Greatest Pursuits on Earth

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Here's our list of the top 100 reasons we love hunting!

1. You never see camo in a therapist's office.

2. Spending quality time in nature.

3. Perspective: sometimes, you can only see clearly from a tree stand.

4. Contributing to conservation.

5. Hearing sounds we don't usually hear.

6. Seeing sights we don't usually see.

7. The bow and arrow is one of the most primitive and ancient tools in human history.

bowhunting is not harder than rifle hunting

8. You can never have too much camo.

9. Alone time.

10. Firearms... lots of different firearms!

11. Long-range shooting is an awesome challenge.

12. Few things are as cool as shooting an AR-15 at a wild hog.

13. Spending time with friends.

14. There's no place like hunt camp.

Standing around a warm campfire is one of the many reasons hunters venture into the woods.

15. Knowing where your food comes from.

16. Your favorite camo hat serves a dual purpose!

17. Challenging yourself.

18. Being in nature without anyone or anything knowing you're there.

19. Coming back with amazing stories.

20. There's just something we love about stickers.

Decals By Us
Decals By Us

21. Getting close to live game.

22. Exercise that's also really fun.

23. There are many life lessons you can learn from hunting.

24. The kick of a 12-gauge shotgun.

25. Trophies make truly one-of-a-kind wall decorations.

26. Muzzleloaders are fun.

27. Competing with your friends.

28. A dirty truck is a sense of pride.

Image via Practical Pedal.
Image via Practical Pedal.

29. It's fun riding on big tires.

30. Being on top of the office brag board.

31. Guns and ammo make great man cave art.

32. You've always wanted to be invisible.

33. Gaining knowledge about animals.

34. Understanding how to field dress a deer.|/pc/104798880/c/104723280/sc/104407380/Hi-Mountain-Jerky-Board-and-Knife-Set/716760.uts?destination=%2Fcatalog%2Fbrowse%2Fjerky-making%2F_%2FN-1101297%2FNs-CATEGORY_SEQ_104407380%3FWTz_l%3DSBC%3BMMcat104791680%3Bcat104723280&WTz_l=SBC%3BMMcat104791680%3Bcat104723280%3Bcat104407380

35. Few things are as satisfying as processing your own meat.

36. You can never have enough knives.

37. Every caliber firearm is good for something.

38. The neverending quest to best yourself.

39. Meeting new people.

40. There are a ton of cool hunting accessories for your truck!

41. Create an unbreakable bond with your dog.

42. Few things are as impressive as watching well-trained bird dogs.

43. You get to make weird noises with your calls.

44. See new landscapes and geography.

Elk Camp

45. Growing your knowledge of the land you hunt.

46. Nature creates some amazing photos.

47. A man has to decorate his office somehow!

48. Getting to smell things you don't usually smell.

49. Seeing the stars.

50. Camping gear is awesome.

Photo by RockCrawler
Photo by RockCrawler

51. Modern archery technology is fascinating.

52. Your food is organic.

53. Proving to yourself that you can accomplish anything.

54. Opportunities to travel.

55. Pissing off anti-hunters.

56. Sheds can be used for all sorts of cool things.


57. Hunting is a great excuse to purchase an ATV.

58. An ATV is a great excuse to purchase a trailer.

59. Hunting is a great way to pass on family traditions.

60. Seeing your children or youth involved in the outdoors is one of the most enjoyable things.

Minnesota youth turkey hunt

61. Keeping busy hunting can keep your kids from doing stupid things.

62. You won't have enough money to develop bad habits.

63. You (or your kids) won't want to waste every hour playing video games.

64. There are added benefits to having a safe in the home.

65. Some of your hunting firearms make great home protection.

66. Being in the woods allows you to truly check out from work.

hunters dumb mistakes

67. No cell signal in the mountains can be an amazing feeling.

68. Trying new recipes with wild game.

69. Create memories to last a lifetime.

70. There's no feeling like successfully harvesting a big trophy.

71. Recorded hunts are fun to watch again and again.

72. Tree stand snacks: There are things that taste better in a tree than anywhere else!

73. Blaze orange is just a sweet color.

Blaze Orange 2

74. If you keep climbing trees, you'll never stop being a kid.

75. Every once in a while, you need a good reason to put your truck in four-wheel drive.

76. There are a lot of great country songs about hunting

77. No two hunts are alike.

78. Getting to watch the sunrise.

79. Getting to watch the sunset.

80. Hunting tools and gadgets are awesome.

81. You can finally put to use what you learned in high school biology dissecting that frog.


82. A cold morning is a great reason for a cup of instant coffee.

83. Fresh game tastes amazing.

84. Grilling over an open campfire is unbelievably satisfying.

85. Getting to see how much you can pack into a truck.

86. Because everyone should know a good taxidermist.

87. Practice time at the range is always a good time.


88. Cold weather hunting gear can serve multiple purposes.

89. Hunt camp food is some of the best on earth.

90. There are some awesome hunting apps for smartphones.

91. Seeing the reaction of others as you drive down the road with a rack in the back of your truck is priceless.

92. You can never have enough pairs of good boots.

93. You have a reason to purchase things like One-Wipe Charlies.

One Wipe Charlie's
Dollar Shave Club

94. It's a never ending excuse to buy more ammo.

95. Seeing others in camo automatically makes you family.

96. It's a great way to spend quality time with your spouse or significant other.

97. It's also a great way to spend time with your Creator.

98. Ground blinds are like the forts we always used to make as kids.

99. There are a ton of cool 3D Targets to shoot at.

100. Hunters know the value of practicing patience.


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100 Things That Make Hunting One of the Greatest Pursuits on Earth