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UPDATE: See More Photos of the Potential New No. 1 Pope & Young Elk

Images via Facebook/Boone & Crockett

Here’s some more photos of the Montana bull that could take over the top spot in Pope & Young’s record books. 

Earlier this week we told you about a monstrous bull elk shot in Montana that could potentially be the new Pope & Young world record.  This bull officially gross scored 448 4/8 and has a 429 6/8 green score.

Right now the hunting world waits for the 60-day drying period to end before the bull is officially scored. But for now, we couldn’t resist sharing a few more newer photos of this beast.

world record elk
Facebook, Boone & Crockett

The bull is huge, but won’t top yje Boone & Crockett typical record, which stands at 442 5/8 inches for a bull taken in the White Mountains in Arizona back in 1968.

But still, there’s no denying this is the bull of a lifetime. As often happens with record-sized animals, it didn’t take long for accusations of the bull being pen-raised or a high-fence hunt to begin circulating the net.

world record elk
Facebook, Boone & Crockett

It’s probably little wonder the hunter has expressed a desire to remain anonymous. Shooting a record animal has almost become akin to winning the lottery these days. Someone will always be there to criticize. We can’t say we blame him for his actions. The internet hasn’t exactly been kind to news of hunted animals in the past.

It’s the type of thing that has led some hunters, like Ohio’s Dan Coffman, to notify game wardens ahead of time and bring them along on the recovery to verify the legality of the harvest.

Although considering it took the anonymous hunter in this case two days to pack his massive bull out, that probably wasn’t an option. He must have been in a pretty remote spot!

Staying incognito likely won’t be easy; there’s no doubt a plethora of media and outdoor gear makers that would like to discuss some things.

For now, let’s just leave the jealousy at home and be happy for this guy having the hunt of a lifetime. We’ll stay tuned into this story and will bring you all the details when a final score is confirmed for this massive bull!


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UPDATE: See More Photos of the Potential New No. 1 Pope & Young Elk