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Cody Robbins Finds His Biggest Pair of Muley Sheds Ever

cody robbins

Cody Robbins shot a Facebook Live video March 10, sharing his biggest shed find ever with his fans.

Those who follow Cody Robbins through his show Live 2 Hunt with Cody and Kelsy know that this is one hardcore deer hunter. That being said, he's also an avid shed hunting enthusiast, covering untold miles every season in search of giant tines on the ground.

While scouring the snow-covered terrain of Saskatchewan in brutally cold conditions, Robbins made a discovery that would make any shed hunter weak at the knees. It was a matched pair of muley sheds, half-hidden in the snow, which are hands-down his largest antlers to date. They belong to a deer that he missed with his bow this year - and the sheds of this giant buck have been on his hit-list ever since.

Watch the excitement as Robbins reveals his awesome find:

How cool was that?! For those who shed hunt, finding a monster set of antlers is definitely akin to winning the lottery. Perhaps even better.

Congrats on a sweet find, Cody! Here's hoping you get another shot at that big buck this coming season!


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Cody Robbins Finds His Biggest Pair of Muley Sheds Ever