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Cameron Hanes and Joe Rogan Totally Kill It in Podcast After Bear Hunt [VIDEO]

Cameron Hanes and Joe Rogan discuss topics both serious and light in a brilliant video podcast that is sure to go viral.

This conversation between Cameron Hanes and Joe Rogan lasts a little over an hour, but I swear it felt like a third of that time.

It’s a dialogue that is relaxed and intense, funny and deadly serious, focused but occasionally sidetracked…the way great conversations usually are.

Hanes and Rogan talk bears and bear hunting, the ethics of food acquisition by hunting, hunting as conservation, cannibalistic bears, the primal connection between hunter and prey, discipline, the hypocrisy and ignorance of anti-hunters, Sasquatch, mosquito burgers, the generosity of hunters, and more.

The passion and enthusiasm of the these guys is infectious. It’s good stuff.

WARNING: Strong language used in the video. Viewer discretion advised.

It’s actually kind of curious how a camera pointed at two guys just having a loose conversation in the backseat of a truck can be so incredibly interesting and entertaining.

No doubt at least part of the answer to that question is because Rogan and Hanes are saying the kinds of things so many hunters themselves have been saying and thinking for years. They’re just saying it with the authority that comes from being on the front lines against the anti-hunting gaggle.

Here we hear our own thoughts and opinions being confirmed and supported by respected hunting figures, authorities who are fighting the good fight publically on a daily basis. It’s an affirmation of sorts.

Rick Carone filmed Hanes and Rogan (from the front seat of the truck) and described the video on Facebook,

One of the better conversations on why we as hunters do what we do.

This is the kind of video well worth sharing with your hunting buddies and outdoor enthusiast friends, and even those anti-hunters you might know too.

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Cameron Hanes and Joe Rogan Totally Kill It in Podcast After Bear Hunt [VIDEO]