final fantasy

Video Game Fishing Simulator... Based on Final Fantasy XV?

Final Fantasy is a popular sci-fi/fantasy video game series that kicked off in 1987.

Last year, Nintendo released the 15th edition of the game.

But did you know that this November, a standalone virtual reality fishing game based on Final Fantasy XV will be released?

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It's called Monster of the Deep, and it will be on PlayStation 4.

Seems the spinoff game is based on a fishing mini-game in Final Fantasy XV. It was an optional activity in the game that the company decided to turn into a standalone game.

From what those who have been able to preview the game say, it's a so-so VR fishing experience. Players catch fish, with a buddy, in standard fishing VR fashion. Simple enough.

Then, the Final Fantasy weirdness kicks in.

At a certain point, the player battles the Demonfish. And instead of using a traditional rod and reel, you use ... a crossbow.

Yep, the player has to shoot the Demonfish in the head multiple times before even thinking about reeling in the creature.

Oh, and if jumping out of the water and growling wasn't bad enough, the thing sometimes jumps onto the bank and attacks.

Just like fishing every day, right?