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Get Your Carp Fishing Fix With This Simulator

Is this carp fishing simulator poised for success, or could it be too much like the real thing?

Winter can be a hard time for anglers, especially those who live in states with deep winterish conditions but don’t care much for ice fishing. Too often, winter for us die-hard fishermen can become nothing more than a painful slog to that first day in the spring when it’s warm enough to head out to the lake and let loose a few casts. It doesn’t even matter if you catch a fish: there’s just something liberating about being able to get outside with your rod and reel and make the motions that you haven’t been able to make all winter.

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This year, most of us are counting the days until the snow melts and vanishes for good. With how cold the temperatures have been, and how severe winter weather has been in many areas of the country, there’s a chance you’re longing for your springtime fishing fix more than usual.

If that’s the case and you don’t want to wait until the weather finally breaks, then check out “Carp Fishing Simulator,” a new ultra-realistic fishing game, available on mobile platforms through the Apple iPhone and Google Play application stores. You can also download a demo from the game’s website (visit

So what’s unique and exciting about “Carp Fishing Simulator?” Most notably, this game has been built with the goal of being as realistic as possible. While many fishing games result in catches every time you throw a cast, the developers of “Carp Fishing Simulator” didn’t want to give players the impression that fishing was that easy. Since carp is, as the game’s website states, “one of the most difficult fish to catch,” “Carp Fishing Simulator” will work to faithfully recreate – or rather, simulate – the challenge and learning curve of the sport of fishing.

Here is a developmental stage video from the creators of the game:

In other words, “Carp Fishing Simulator” is the rare game that not only captures the excitement of feeling a fish bite your line and the adrenaline of methodically reeling it in, but also the atmospheric waiting time that most anglers face in real life and the small, minute adjustments that can make a difference between catching a fish and going home empty-handed. Everything from rod and tackle choice to temperature changes how the fish in the simulation behave, and will force anglers to alter their strategies on the fly.

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Fish will also be realistically spooked by casting and other obvious angler activity. The carp, perch, and other species in this game are smart, and you will need every ounce of skill and strategy to catch them as you would in real life.

Here’s some more in-game footage:

The long wait times and high level of difficulty will make “Carp Fishing Simulator” a niche title, as most gamers won’t be willing to simply sit around in a virtual world waiting for a fish to come along. However, if you are going through a fishing withdrawal, this game might give you the vicarious experience you need to get you through the winter. You can even go for walks in the virtual woods or watch for birds!

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Get Your Carp Fishing Fix With This Simulator