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Call of Duty or First-Person Hog Hunting?

First Person Hog Hunting Video

What happens when guys who spend too much time playing video games go hunting?

Armed with an AR-15 and sporting a GoPro, an MKA 1919 semi-automatic shotgun and a Glock 23, these hunters captured a pretty intense first-person hog hunting video down in Texas a couple years ago.

After encountering some fresh tracks, they followed the hogs down a sandy creek bed until they caught up with the sounder which consisted of two medium sized hogs (probably sows) and a bunch of smaller ones.

What followed looked exactly like something you'd see in a video gameWatch their first-person hog hunting video to see how it all went down. 


That was a whole bunch of shooting to bag just two hogs. In any case, they did manage to kill the larger two hogs in the group and neither one ran very far after the shooting started.

That looked like a delicious meal they made out of the hogs at the very end of the video as well.

Nice work, guys!

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Call of Duty or First-Person Hog Hunting?