feral hogs
Getty: 6381380

An Average Hog Hunt Quickly Goes Wrong

There's no question feral hogs have been one of the most pressing crises plaguing wildlife agencies across the South for years. While hunting and trapping has helped manage feral hog populations, the unfortunate reality is we don't have a realistic remedy for eradicating this invasive species. Not only do they destroy resources and habitat, but they can actually be violent, too, should you corner one. It's rare that a hog hunt actually turns violent, but when it does happen, these animals are capable of doing some serious damage. They're incredibly intelligent animals, which makes the formidable when you put that alongside their size, speed, and strength.

In the following clip, we see one unlucky hunter who had the unfortunate opportunity to experience a hog turning the tables.

Watch the video below:

As these hunters demonstrated, you always need to be on your toes when hunting feral hogs, especially when they're at close range. A hog isn't as dangerous as an angry buffalo or elephant, but a charging hog can quickly turn an ordinary hunt into a dangerous situation. More than one hunter has had their day ruined by a very angry feral hog.

Be cautious next time you're out in the woods so you don't end up in a video like this someday!

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