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6 Things 'Game of Thrones' Taught Us About Hunting

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Here are some things we can learn about hunting from "Game of Thrones."

I don't think many can deny that Game of Thrones is a good television show. But it is more than just entertaining fantasy. Here are some things the HBO show, Game of Thrones, taught us about hunting.

1. There's always something out there scarier than you.

Although the chances of you running into a horde of White Walkers north of the wall are slim, it does teach an important lesson. Oftentimes we are not the biggest or scariest things in the woods -just ask anyone who's hunted in bear country. Always be mindful of what you are hunting and what might be hunting you.

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2. You don't need the most expensive equipment.

Arya Stark may be one of the smallest characters in the classic series, but she is one of the more formidable. Wielding her custom sword, Needle, she shows that you don't have to have the best and most expensive equipment to get what you want. All you need to be a successful hunter is to be aware of your surroundings and have proper training on what you're using to take down your game.

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3. "Winter is coming."

This line from the books speaks volumes to the reality of what you're about to face. Hunting season takes place during the cold months of the year and it is advised that you dress accordingly. No flip-flops and flower shirt here. Trust me, you have never been colder than when you're sitting perfectly still in a treestand facing the wind -except maybe going north of the wall. Bring your thickest pelt because, "Winter is coming."


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4. You're not the only one out there.

(Spoiler Alert) Robert Baratheon didn't meet his end due to another hunter, but the actual hog he was hunting. Still, there are a lot of other hunters out there and you may even go on an excursion together with friends. Always know where everyone is and take the time to properly identify your target before you engage. Too many people are injured or killed by other hunters in the area. Finally, hunt sober.



5. Know who's land you're hunting on.

There's a lot of land out there to hunt on and very few times are the ownership lines marked. Sometimes you wander onto land where the owner is friendly and accommodating, but other times there are owners, like Craster, who don't take kindly to trespassers. Make sure you know where you're hunting and who's land you're around before you go into the brush.

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6. The little ones are more valuable than you know.

You may be sitting out there in the cold deer stand waiting for the monster buck to arrive. Don't forget that there are other bucks out there that taste just as good, if not better than the big one you're waiting for. Don't be picky and underestimate the deer. Who knows, maybe you skipped number three and are freezing in that stand. That smaller buck could provide a warm pelt for hunting next year.


If you haven't watched the show or read the Game of Thrones series, it is highly suggested. It is very entertaining and who knows, you might learn a few things about your own hunting habits.

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6 Things 'Game of Thrones' Taught Us About Hunting