More Than 30 Rattlesnakes Found Hiding Under Texan’s Hunting Cabin

Rattlesnakes and Texas go hand-in-hand, but this is ridiculous.

When Bobby Cowan and a couple of his friends went to work on his property near the north Texas town of Gorman, they couldn't have anticipated what was waiting for them.

At some point, one of the group had taken notice to a smaller snake slithering its way out of sight under the the old cabin.

Thinking that maybe they should investigate, they pulled up to the old hunting shed with some farm equipment and began to lift it off of the ground to see what else might be under there.

What they found was a nightmare of snakes! Being that this is the Lone Star State, it may not have been such a surprise, but when over 30 rattlesnakes are suddenly hissing right in front of you, even a good Texan might just shudder!

Here's what they found:

Mr. Cowan said, "As soon as we lifted up the building, we slammed it right back down because there were so many of them."

Ultimately, due to livestock considerations, the men relocated the snakes to a further part of the property using long sticks and trash cans to corral them. They said that they had counted 36 different rattlers, but that there could easily have been 50 or more.

Thankfully the hardy Texas trio had good luck and no on was hurt.

Here's hoping that they do as good when deer hunting season is back on!

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