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Hunting Rattlesnakes with an AR-15? It's a Texas Thing, You Wouldn't Understand

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Better bring your Rattlesnake boots if you're planning on hunting in Texas.

Texas is home to monster bucks, awesome Rio Grande turkey's and of course a ridiculously high number of rattlesnakes. With a likely chance that you might encounter one on your next hunting trip to the Lone Star State, be happy knowing that there is no closed season on these buggers... blast away.

Check out what these hunters did when they found a den of rattlesnakes on their Texas hog hunt.

Way to get 'em guys!

Prior to my first South Texas deer hunt a few years back, I decided to pull the trigger on a pair of snake boots. Having grown up in the Northeast, where generally we don't worry about being bitten by a snake during a deer hunt, I was pretty clueless when it came to determining which boots to buy. Fortunately, my choice of Rocky's Waterproof Snake Boot was a great decision, which I have not regretted since.

rattlesnakes, snake boots
Rocky Boots

I have always been a big fan of Rocky Boots. They're rugged, dependable and usually are within the budget when the time comes to keep your feet happy and their snake boots are certainly no different. These boots are super lightweight and waterproof, which will keep any Southern hunter happy when bow season rolls around and the occasional rain storm passes by. They also have a great tread on the bottom, which can be worn across all seasons, did I mention these are perfect for turkey hunting? My favorite pair of snake boots, hands-down.

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Hunting Rattlesnakes with an AR-15? It's a Texas Thing, You Wouldn't Understand