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Bowhunter Kills Two Rattlesnakes With One Arrow

A bowhunter had a miraculous shot during a Texas rattlesnake hunt— and its all on video.

You may have heard the saying, "The only good good snake is a dead snake." And while there are plenty of reasons why snakes are beneficial, when it comes to rattlesnakes, most people prefer them dead. While important predators in the food chain, rattlesnakes can be quite a nuisance to people living in southern states, particularly Texas. If you're unlucky enough to be bitten by a rattlesnake, you can expect extreme pain, swelling, bleeding, nausea, shock, and possible death.

Their presence can bring a hunt—or any other outdoor activity—to a screeching halt, and for that reason, people often choose to kill rattlesnakes for the safety of both people and four-legged friends. While most people choose to shoot rattlesnakes, chop off their heads, or even snap them like a bullwhip and break their necks, a video from Red Arrow shows a team of bowhunters taking on two rattlesnakes with one incredible shot. Check out the video below of the once-in-a-lifetime shot.


The Red Arrow team is hunting in Texas when they come across some funky business going down between two rattlers. Kip draws back, sets the pin, and lets an arrow fly. He misses the first shot and the snakes don't even flinch. He goes for a second shot and pulls off one that might've earned him a pair of new snakeskin boots.

Hitting a snake with a bow would be difficult, but hitting two snakes on the same shot...well, that's just impressive.

Despite the impressive shot, the video wasn't well received by everyone on Facebook. Several anti-hunters caught wind of the video, sparking a wave of backlash against Kip in the comments.  Killing snakes is a personal choice and one that is completely understandable for people who live in rattlesnake country.

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