Rattlesnake Season is Here: Protect Your Dogs with the Rattlesnake Vaccination

Rattlers are on the rise and sightings have been popping up all over the country. Did you know there is a rattlesnake vaccine for your dogs? I didn't know this existed until I started seeing all these headlines about making sure you consider this if you hike a bunch in areas where folks are seeing rattlers.

Vets are warning owners to consider vaccinating their dogs!

Western South Dakota NBC TV reported that pet owners should talk with their vets about this if they're concerned. Your dog will need one vaccination and then a booster shot the following month. The vaccine only lasts for about 6 months so dogs need to be vaccinated every year. They interviewed a vet with Cook Veterinary Clinic in Rapid City.  

"The veterinary rattlesnake venom vaccine does not prevent an inflammatory reaction to a rattlesnake bite, but it does curb the response, potentially extending the amount of time before treatment is needed and reducing the amount of treatment needed, says veterinarian Danielle Evenson. Not every veterinary clinic carries antivenin, which can be expensive, and Dr. Evenson recommends getting at-risk dogs vaccinated annually at the beginning of rattlesnake season."

This may be the only defense that our dogs have against rattlesnakes!

This vaccine may save your dog's life. It can literally buy you more time while you're headed to the vet and it certainly helps you to have a better outcome explains the vet interviewed. Most importantly it will save your dog's life and keep his time at the hospital to a minimum (no overnights needed!) and hopefully reduces the amount of time in the ICU.

How does it work? VetStreet.com reports that the vaccine works by creating protective antibodies that help neutralize the venom, so dogs experience less pain and swelling after a snake bite. Dogs that are bitten may also require less anti-venom, which can be fairly costly and may produce side effects.

Factors that can influence the effectiveness of the vaccine include the location of the bite, the type of snake, and the amount of venom injected.

Even if your dog is on a leash you need to be careful as my dogs dive for snakes whether they're on or off leash.

Would you consider this vaccination for your dog? Do you know the types of snakes in your region? Please leave us a comment below!

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