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This Massive Rattlesnake is Why You Should Own Snake Boots in Texas

Have you ever seen a rattlesnake of this size? It looks like everything really is bigger in Texas.

Rattlesnakes are no joke, especially when they grow to this size. This hunter was just a few inches away from having a really bad day when he spotted this incredible snake around Zapata, Texas.

Luckily, he spotted what lay ahead right before things were about to go down. The rattlesnake never even rattled, but he happened to spot it when he was a step away. And good thing he did, because it looks like it could have done some damage.

At almost 6 foot an 7 inches, the giant rattlesnake had 20 buttons on its rattler. A sure sign that this was no young pup of a snake. Safe to say this hunter wished he would have used those 20 buttons to give him some what of a warning that he was near.

You can see its shear size here in this video.

Tommy Hartung, the hunter who walked up on the snake had this to say in his social media post:

"Had a close call last night varmint hunting. I was stomping around in the brush and Cactus with a green light looking for a coyote I shot and almost stepped on this big bastard. No snake boots, like an idiot. Got lucky. Going to buy some new Danner snake boots and some new underwear this week. Stay alert out there friends."

Yeah... I would say snake boots might be a a good investment!

Of course you can imagine the publicity the story is getting, along will all of the hate. But don't worry, the snake meat will be consumed and the giant rattler will not be wasted.

Be careful out there if you are hunting in areas that may be littered with rattlesnakes. Stay alert and dress accordingly. Other wise you might end up on the bad end of a story similar to this one. No one wants to find out what the fangs feel like from a snake like this...