Australian Snake-Breeding Season Is Terrifying

"Who said males can't multi task?" reads the video description. Two male pythons hang from the gutter while in combat.

Hide your children, hide your wife! The breeding season for pythons is now in full swing in Australia, and the pythons will be out and about.

Most people are terrified of snakes, but when the snakes are longer than you are, you'll probably get scared even if you're not "most people."

These two male Carpet Pythons go to battle to assert supremacy over one another and try to get the gal, all while hanging from a gutter. As you can hear in the video, a few spectators there don't seem too happy.

With birds screeching and the camera rolling, the snakes continue to do their thing.

Australian snake behavior could be a recurring theme over the next few months, as the breeding season has just begun. Along with this video, a few other videos of snakes hanging from houses doing the same thing have surfaced.

I personally love snakes, but I'm not sure I would be thrilled to see snakes of this size hanging from my gutters.

A nightmare to most, the person filming this video seems to be pretty chill. If you are looking for a house in Australia, though, I might know where you could find one pretty cheap at the moment.

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