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Gordon Ramsay Catches Giant Catfish by Hand

gordon ramsay catching oklahoma catfish

All you need is a big pair of hands and a big pair of bollocks, according to Gordon.

Hand-fishing is a growing sport, and Gordon Ramsay the master chef, wants to see what it's all about.

Gordon makes magic with his hands every day as he prepares some of the best meals a mouth can find. If he's so good at cooking with his hands, he might be pretty good at catching, too.

But then again, maybe putting his money makers in danger isn't the best idea.

Ramsay heads to Oklahoma to meet up with local champion Lee McFarlane and hopes to land some big cats, with the help of a few noodling tips and tricks.

Watch below to see how it unfolds. Warning: Gordon's mouth is about as dirty as that Oklahoma lake water.

Gordon gets in the game quick. He goes under, grasps hold of a Flathead Catfish mouth, and wrangles it out of the water for the first catch!

Unfortunately, in a rookie move, after some thrashing and flopping, Gordon lets supper get away and swim back into the lake. The crew members give him a hard time and then let him know that's part of the game before heading off to the next spot.

Just twenty minutes later, they are onto more fish and begin to make some successful catches.

After a lesson on skinning and filleting the catfish, Gordon goes to work. He shows the Oklahoma boys a healthier alternative to preparing the fish, it looks delicious.

Gordon informs the men that this healthier option will help them slim down so they can fit into more cracks to catch more fish!

Anyone's mouth watering for a fish dinner?

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Gordon Ramsay Catches Giant Catfish by Hand