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Texas Man Bites Off Rattlesnake's Rattles in Bizarre Revenge Plot Against Neighbor

Authorities arrested a Texas man accused of trying to use a snake to hurt someone.

A disagreement between two neighbors recently took an absolutely bizarre turn in Texas. Deputies from the Caldwell County Sheriff's Office responded to a neighbor's complaint in the town of Dale back in mid-June.

Victim Keith Monroe called authorities after the argument with his neighbor, Ryan Felton Sauter. The arrest affidavit didn't indicate what happened started the quarrel between the two men. However, Saunter allegedly took things to an extreme level when he bit off a rattlesnake's rattle and tossed it into Monroe's trailer.

Monroe believed Sauter removed the snake's rattles so it wouldn't give off any warnings when he re-entered the RV. Fortunately, he saw Sauter walking away from the scene. That's when he confronted him and asked him what he'd done.

"He said, 'You'll see why,'" Monroe told the Austin American-Statesman and KVUE. "I was trying to find out what he was talking about."

Monroe quickly discovered and killed the snake himself without being bitten before calling authorities.

The Caldwell County man was arrested and charged with two Class A misdemeanors for criminal trespass and deadly conduct. Monroe later told ABC 13 News, the whole thing was a throwback to the days of the wild west.

"I haven't seen or heard anything like that since the old cowboy days," he said. "They used to throw a snake in the room with the two gamblers and whoever got bit won."