The Time a Rattlesnake in the Toilet Led to the Discovery of More Under the House

A snake in the toilet was just the beginning of this family's problems!

A Texas family got a scary surprise in their toilet back in 2016 in the form of a rattlesnake. Little did they know, it was just one of dozens hanging out in their home!

CBS News reports the Abilene, Texas family immediately called up Nathan Hawkins, the owner of Big Country Snake Removal after a young boy, Isac Mcfadden, got up to use the restroom and found a diamondback rattlesnake sneaking its way out of toilet.

The boy's mother had already killed the snake with a shovel by the time Hawkins arrived on the scene. He posted on Facebook that the snake found its way in through a relief pipe. Knowing where there is one snake, there are probably others, he offered to do an inspection of the house and grounds.

"With rattlesnakes, western diamondbacks in particular, they're real communal animals during cooler months," Hawkins told CBS News. "They tend to live together in dens."

Sure enough, his suspicions were right on the money. In the home's storm cellar, 13 more snakes were in a corner. Under a piece of sheet metal were 10 more snakes, five of which were just babies.

That's 24 including the toilet snake that clued them in on the problem, just in case you lost count. Hawkins re-locates the snakes or gives them to colleges for study. It's all a part of a normal day in the office where he might get 50-75 calls from residents asking for help or just advice on snakes they encounter.

He also offered some wise advice to anyone who encounters a similar situation, call in a pro.

"I would say 90 percent of snake bites occur when someone's trying to harm the snake," he CBS News.

The phenomenon of a snake in a toilet is not totally unheard of. Similar stories tend to pop up at least a couple times a year.