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WWII Veteran Created First Dog Wheelchair, Saves Thousands of Animals

Living with two doxies over the years helped me learn (and research) a lot about dog wheelchairs and how much our dogs benefit from these important tools. When I saw this story about the veteran that created the first dog wheelchair, I needed to know more about him.

This WWII veteran and veterinarian is hardly retired and cats, rabbits, and even a chicken have benefitted from this man's handiwork.

What does he do at 90-years-old? After retiring almost three decades ago, Dr. Lincoln Parkes spends 7 days a week building carts that transform disabled dogs and he's just getting started. According to CBS News, his company, K-9 Cart plans to release a new wheelchair design!

Parkes created the first wheelchair for dogs, cats, birds, and hamsters. He has spent nearly 60 years designing and making wheelchairs for animals.

CBS News also tells us that one of Parkes' clients is forever grateful. A dog helped by Dr. Parkes is Lester. He has a spinal disorder that owner Ileana Moya said is not uncommon with corgis,

"I thought I was going to lose him for sure."

Dr. Parkes is a life-saver to all these animals.

Dogs that are carried in, roll on out in their new wheelchairs!

Dogs that typically need wheelchairs have issues with their hind legs or degenerative myelopathy, or a spinal cord injury. The K-9 Cart Company is helping dogs and making a big difference not to mention adding years of life to these canine companions.

Dr. Parkes spent part of his post-WWII career as a veterinarian so it's no surprise he'd want to take his expertise in veterinary medicine to the next level. We want to thank this 90-year-old veteran for his service and for giving dogs a chance to walk again!

How amazing is this veteran? We love them all the animals he's helping! Please leave a comment below. 

This article was originally published May 23, 2019.

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