Dog and Soldier Reunions That Steal Our Heart Every Time

These emotional reunions between soldiers and their best friends are some of our favorites. The 7 military reunions we identified celebrate the amazing bond these families have with their dogs.

Heartwarming doesn't even scratch the surface. The "welcome home" greetings from these dogs may have you running for an entire box of Kleenex.

One way to celebrate veterans everywhere is to hire a veteran to help you out at work or a military spouse. They need our support in every way possible.

1. Military pet reunions are the best

This is a great way to start off this list! These happy noises are enough to make you need a kleenex.

2. Staff sergeant cries when he's reunited with his military dog

This is an emotional moment when Air Force Staff Sgt. Adam Wylie and Emra, a 9-year-old retired military dog, saw each other for the first time. More Kleenex! 

3. The emotional moment a dog leaps into the arms of his military owner

We won't give it all away but a dog leaps into the arms of his military owner during this emotional moment. 

4. Soldier welcomed home by happy dog!

This beautiful dog has passed over the rainbow bridge but we wanted to celebrate Cotton's life with his military pet parent by sharing this moment.

5. Soldier reunited with dog after spending nine months apart

Leo, the dog, can be seen greeting his owner for the very first time when he returned home after a military deployment. What a reunion! 

6. Soldier reunited with loyal dog after six months

When P.J returned from Air Force basic training in Pensacola, Florida, dad Ken decided to organize the homecoming. As Romeo was in the garden, P.J. hid in his room and almost as soon as the devoted pup caught his scent he ran excitedly through the house. 

7. Soldier reunites with his dog after being away for the better part of six months

This adorable dog was sent into a state of delirium when his soldier dad surprised him after six months of being away - proving absence really makes the heart grow fonder. Best buds Bentley, 2, and his soldier dad, Dylan Cox, hadn't seen each other for over half a year. 

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This article was first published May 20, 2019.

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