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Tobi Is a Two-Legged Texas Pup Who Needs Money for a Wheelchair

You should see how Tobi gets around!

Toby has really adjusted to moving with only his back legs. The little Aussie came into the Humane Society of North Texas with only two back legs. Tobi has modified the way he walks so that he hops around on his hind legs but it puts enormous pressure on his vertebra.

In order to take the pressure off his back, the Humane Society of North Texas is raising money to outfit Tobi with a wheelchair.

Tobi has a few hashtags trending on social media: #TeamTobi and #HelpTobiGetHisWheels.

If you would like to donate to Tobi's cause go to the Humane Society of North Texas' donation page. So far they have raised $2,425!

The Humane Society of North Texas services the Dallas/Fort Worth area; it's the oldest animal welfare organization in northern Texas. They have four pet adoption centers, a quarantine facility, and an equine and livestock ranch in Johnson county.

They have helped countless animals since their founding in 1905. They recently rescued an entire herd of neglected Longhorns and they always have a good attitude when adopting out their animals out. When trying to find a home for this pittie, they made it look like a dating profile!

The sweet little Aussie is in good hands with the Humane Society of North Texas. We bet we see a video of him and his new wheelchair soon enough!

To make sure you don't miss an update on Tobi the two-legged dog, follow the Humane Society on Facebook.

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