Bruiser the Doxie Tested the Pug Life Harness, Why I Recommend It

The perfect harness is hard to find. Bruiser is a 14-year-old Doxie and given his age, he sometimes loses balance and needs extra support on walks. No matter if the trip is short or long we need a reliable harness! When we had the opportunity to review the Pug Life Harness, we jumped at the chance. Pug Life Harness is a company based out of Los Angeles, and they wanted to find a way to make walking enjoyable and easy for all dogs and dogs parents.

"So our passion for our dogs and helping other dog parents helped us create"

When our editorial staff reviews leashes and harnesses, we look for a number of features including safety, comfort, and cost. This review takes these three features into consideration. I closely watched Bruiser to ensure this was a harness he could wear daily on walks and that it could help with stairs. Some harnesses take minutes to get on as you have to get loops through each front leg and it feels way too complicated for gear you use throughout the day. Right out of the gate, what I like about this product is it's so easy to get on and off. No more struggling with an antsy pup ready to go outside!

If you think the harness is a great fit for your pet, good news! Wide Open Pets readers will receive 15% OFF your whole order when you use the offer code, WOP15, at checkout. The code can be used once per customer.

Here are five noteworthy features about this harness and some research you no longer have to do! Remember that Bruiser is 13 pounds and I'm not sure how this harness would perform with a larger dog. It starts at an XS and goes all the way to an XXL (suitable for dogs from 85 to 140 pounds). So for readers with big dog breeds, it might be worth a call to the company to ask about performance.

1. It's reflective for night walks. 

Pug Life Harness

Christy Caplan

Sometimes you need to walk your dog at midnight (Bruiser is a senior and when you have to go, you have to go!) so when you do, having a reflective strip on their harness is a must-have feature. For Bruiser's walks (and all our dogs), I even have reflective stripes on what I'm wearing.

So this harness gets an A for night safety.

Pug Life Harness Closeup

The reflective strip is significant and really shows up when headlights are pointed in its direction. Also, he's a scrappy old guy and a skull and crossbones design fits his big personality perfectly.

2. It's secure.

Pug Life Harness

Christy Caplan

The leash attachments are sturdy and large in diameter. There is also a handle which is fantastic in case I need to pick Bruiser up or assist him up stairs. You can tell just by looking at it that it's escape proof. Those adjustable straps are also wide and the material is high-quality so I'm not concerned that Bruiser will slip out by accident.

3. It trains your pup not to pull. 

Pug Life Harness

Christy Caplan

The harness trains your dog to walk next to you. It's literally branded as the "no pull" harness. For a dog harness, this seems like a tall order as I'm all about training our dogs not to pull, but they designed the harness with this concept in mind. Watch this video for a deeper explanation. The side rings are used in the case of pulling.

This is where the sizing becomes important so check out the size chart on their site before purchasing! Bruiser doesn't pull a lot so I cannot speak to this feature personally, but I like that it has features built in that address this.

4. It's safe for your dog's neck.

Pug Life Harness

Christy Caplan

This feature is likely the most important on my list when it comes to our Doxies. With their long backs and necks prone to injury, their harness cannot pull at all. When I look for pet supplies I'm always searching for something that is designed for small dogs and gear that's fairly heavy duty so I don't have to replace it after a month.

The harness provided better control than some of the other brands we've tried and the design does not put any pressure on the dog's neck or back.

5. It's comfortable and keeps your dog from choking!

Pug Life Harness

Christy Caplan

A comfortable fit is another feature I looked for as Bruiser is a senior and when we're out on adventures, this is always something I'm thinking about! Bruiser wears a thin fuzzy or coat these days when he's outside so a harness that easily fits over that was another feature we could check off the list. Since it's lightweight and designed with breathable fabric I didn't have to worry he'd overheat either!

The sale price seems reasonable too and since it's clearly built to last this harness gets five stars from Bruiser.

NEW Limited Edition Halloween Skulls All-In-One™ Pug Life Harness


Remember that Wide Open Pets readers will receive 15% OFF your whole order! Use the code WOP15 at checkout. The code will expire on April 12, 2019, so be sure to grab your harness soon!

They added a new limited edition Halloween skulls color to their harness collection. Whether or not this was designed for Halloween doesn't matter as we love this design and wear it year round. 

Available in XS to XXL for $39.95, currently on sale!

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What brand harness do you use? Do you have a few products that you love to use with your dogs? Please leave us a comment! 

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