Wiener Nationals: The Search for the Fastest Doxie in the West

Ready, Set...let the Wiener Dog Races begin!

The world's largest hot dog chain, Wienerschnitzel, celebrates another year as the host of the beloved Wienerschnitzel Wiener Nationals and Wiener Dog races across the country!

Wiener Nationals at Supercross

It was not a typical day in southern California motocross and supercross news. Doxies (yes, wiener dogs!) joined the test track with supercross superstars TDO, Justin Barcia, Weston Peick, and Phillip Nicoletti.

During the intermission at the 2016 West Coast Supercross event, Wienerschnitzel brought attendees the much anticipated Wiener National races! Attendees cheered on local Dachshunds competing on the track for the title of Fastest Wiener in the West! The first Wiener Nationals were held in 1996 and the race has been a tradition for wiener dog lovers ever since. 

JR Galardi, executive vice president for Wienerschnitzel said in a press release:

"The tiny-legged racing doxies are so fun to watch and these events are some of my favorite celebrations of the year."

There is a list of all the annual Wienerschnitzel Wieners on the Wiener National Races Website and the rules emphasize you may NOT run along side the dog. So if you're interested in participating with your Doxie, make sure you read the guidelines, one of which includes to have fun. 

The Wienerschnitzel Wiener Nationals (and other races) benefit the Seal Beach Animal Care Center, a non-profit, no-kill animal shelter committed to finding permanent, loving homes for all the animals that come into their care. They were established in 1986. 

Fun Facts About the Wienerschnitzel Wiener Nationals 

  • Famous racer, "Baby Bo" is the winner of the 22nd annual Wiener Nationals with a time of 7:05.
  • From the starting gate, the Dachshunds run approximately fifty yards to their owners who are usually enticing them with a ball or treat. 
  • Regional qualifiers from TexasCalifornia, and other southwestern states come together at Los Alamitos Race Course in California to race in the "Holiday Bowl" and participate annually in the "Holiday Bowl Parade," a yearly event focused on the Holiday Bowl Football Game. 
  • "Lady Bug" was once a paralyzed Doxie, but after recovery she was able to race in Wiener Nationals in 2017. Lady Bug was adopted by Dr. Deanna O'Neil, a veterinarian that treated Lady Bug for the paralysis in her hind legs. She was put through intense physical therapy and a treatment plan that included running on an underwater treadmill and acupuncture therapy.


Doxies are bred to hunt fierce honey badgers and are able to cover surprising distances at speed.

Wiener dog racing, is a popular, yet controversial sporting event, primarily seen in North America. Typical Dachshund races are 25 to 50 yards in length, and are run on various surfaces. They are also called a doggie dash! 

During the National races the Doxies were serious about winning. They do not visit with other dogs or need coaxing with toys and treats!

For more amazing pictures,  search by #wienercross and #WienerNationals on social media.

In some cities, Dachshund races happen every week!

Have you ever attended a Doxie race? We'd love to hear about it, please post your comments below!

Wiener Nationals at Supercross video courtesy of Wienerschnitzel.

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