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6 Best UST Camping Products of 2021 for Cooking, Survival + More

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The most important part of camping isn't where, or when you go, it's about how prepared you are.

Whether you're in the middle of the woods and need a first aid kit, realizing you don't have any supplies for fire-starting, or discovering too late that you forgot cookware, it's essential to be totally prepared when you're camping or backpacking. UST camping has a whole array of awesome camping gear and gadgets that will increase your preparedness before your next camping trip, though it's tough to decide what UST Gear we like the best.

With an entire line of awesome UST brand camping supplies designed with ultimate survival technologies, these items are perfect for your next trip. They have a lot of their products on Amazon, too, and most have an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.

UST Camping Gear

1.  monarch™ sleeping bag

This revolutionary sleeping bag has finally created a solution for something we've all experienced when camping or backpacking: temperature control. The two "wings" allow you to fold them over yourself for a 17-degree bag, or you can remain uncovered for a 37-degree bag. No more unzipping in the middle of the night only to wake up freezing a few hours later!

2. Fire Starter Kit 1.0

This fire starter kit is a must-have for any camping or backpacking trip. With their patented wet fire tinder, a striker, and a waterproof carry case to keep it all secure and undamaged, you'll have no issues starting up a fire no matter the conditions.

3. KLIPP Utensil Set

This stainless steel cutlery set is a must-have for camping and hiking. The pieces clip conveniently onto an included carabiner for easy transportability. Plus, they're heavy-duty compared to a lot of the plastic options that usually are available, so you'll have no issues preparing food in your camp kitchen.

4. Survivor Bundle

For the ultimate survival kit, UST has you covered with this bundle. Complete with a FlexWare bucket, a machete, and a 30-day DURO 1000 lumens LED light lantern with a paracord covering, you'll have some supplies in case things go wrong or get dicey.

5. U-Dig-It Pro Folding Shovel with Pouch

To comply with the leave-no-trace policy that responsible campers and backpackers abide by, this folding shovel is a must-have. It comes with a convenient storage pouch and is great to have on hand for those trips when you're off the grid and not near any restroom facilities. Plus, it's great for digging a firepit or covering up embers once you're finished.

6. house party™ 6-person tent

The house party™ 6 comes from years of tent design expertise. This tent is unique in many ways, from the expandable walls, quick setup, extra-large front and rear doors for ease of loading cots and air mats, to the simple and elegant single-layer design, the house party 6 will be the talk of the campground.