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10 Best Camping Pillows: Lightweight, Compressible, and More

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Campers, grab yourself a comfortable pillow that's packable and has ample cushioning, and you won't miss that middle-of-the-night neck stiffness anymore when camping.

Having a comfy place to lay your head while out on backpacking trips or camping trips is essential to getting a good night's sleep. You can have the best sleeping bag in the world, but a poor pillow will absolutely ruin your nights (and probably your mornings, too).

Nobody wants to be fighting fatigue while exploring the backcountry, which is why having top-notch camping gear is so important. We created a list of some of the best camping pillows on Amazon designed to help hikers and backpackers find the gear they need without having to do the heavy lifting themselves.

Camping & Travel Blankets

You can pair your camping pillow with the perfect travel blanket too! We gathered waterproof blankets that are perfect for campgrounds, the beach, and more. Wide Open Roads also compiled a list of the best travel blankets for airlines, car rides, or any destination that requires minimal packing. Some even come in tiny carry bags that can be attached to your backpack or luggage.

These small blankets are super packable, making them ideal for your backpack (or purse). They'll come in handy for flights and more. Every travel enthusiast needs a compact pillow and blanket. They will even come in handy for a quick nap at a rest stop in the truck!

Best Pillows for Camping

1. RikkiTikki Inflatable Camping Pillow - Hiking Pillow Ultralight

This small compact travel pillow is perfect for camping and backpacking. It's compressible so its packed size is minimal, and it's easy enough to inflate using your mouth alone. It comes with an attached stuff sack, so you won't lose it.

2. Inflatable Pillow for Camping Removable Cover, Camping Pillows for Sleeping

This ultralight pillow is perfect for hikers, backpackers, and any campers who don't want to worry about lugging around any extra weight. This inflatable pillow has a 6-mil premium quality TPU insert complete with reinforced seals, making it an incredibly durable and reliable air pillow.

3. Therm-a-Rest Compressible Travel Pillow for Camping

Thermarest is known for creating quality air pillows, and this compressible travel pillow is no exception. This soft foam pillow features a compact design and a brushed polyester cover, plus it's machine-washable.

4. Sea to Summit Aeros Premium Pillow Deluxe, Navy Blue, Deluxe

Made of brushed polyester knit fabric and a silent TPU air bladder, this Sea to Summit Aeros pillow is super easy to inflate and deflate. It offers a good night's sleep on the road, even if you're a side sleeper. With an average rating on Amazon of 4.6 out of 5 stars, this is a very popular option for regular campers.

5. Nemo Fillo Pillow - Inflatable Camp Pillow for Backpacking or Travel

This Nemo Fillo Pillow is easy to inflate and comes with an integrated stuff sack, so when it's at its packed size (comparable to a mango), you have somewhere to store it. It's great for a variety of uses. Take it on your next trip to the wilderness, use it in your hammock, or bring it car camping. Wherever you end up, this pillow is there for you. It has a removable, machine-washable pillowcase, too.

6. Klymit Drift Camping Pillow, Reversible Cover for Travelbest camping pillow


The Klymit Drift pillow is made of shredded memory foam for a nice cushion for your head, making it great for stomach sleepers and back sleepers. This pillow packs down to a small size and has a water-resistant outer shell, so you don't have to worry about waking up to a dew-soaked head (we've all been there, it's the worst).

7. Cocoon AIR CORE Travel Pillow 28X38 cm (Charcoal/Smoke Grey)

With a synthetic fill and an inflatable air core, this ultralight Cocoon pillow is great for backpacking or nights spent in the backcountry. It folds down to a small, packable size and comes with a storage and carry bag.

8. TETON Sports Camp Pillow; Great for Travel

This travel pillow comes with a soft pillowcase, both of which can be washed in a machine for easy cleaning after your camping trip. This self-inflating pillow takes the hassle out of the nighttime setup!

9. Trekology Ultralight Inflatable Camping Travel Pillow

Backpackers and campers will love this Trekology Ultralight Pillow. Rubber anti-slipping dots help create friction between your pillow and the sleeping mat, plus the added strap pairs well with air inflatable sleeping pads to help prevent the pillow from sliding off in the night (one of my biggest pet peeves!).

10. Klymit Pillow X Inflatable Camping & Travel Pillow

Weighing in at only 1.95oz, this is one of the lightest options, making it one of the best backpacking pillows available. It's easily inflated with just a few breaths and won't add much extra weight to your pack.

This article was originally published on April 3, 2021.