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6 Best Waterproof Blankets for Camping and Lake Days

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A waterproof blanket is one of those items you didn't realize you needed until you had one.

A waterproof blanket has so many fantastic uses. Try one out if you're camping and don't want to ruin any of your good blankets by placing them on the ground — or if you're outdoors during cold or intense weather, as most are both weather- and water-proof. They're also perfect for attending a sporting event and want to keep warm and dry in the stands, work as a good blanket by the lake, and can be the most durable pet blanket in your closet. Seriously, a waterproof blanket is life-changing. But not all blankets are the same: when picking the best options for this list, we looked for durability, the most packable options, and high-quality materials.

If you're looking for a gift, this is the kind of product that makes a great one. A waterproof blanket is a perfect piece of gear for fisherman — and it's an especially convenient product to keep around while night or ice fishing. Parents also love waterproof blankets: They're a handy blanket for kids to lounge on while enjoying the outdoors. These would also be great for hunters, your favorite hunting dogs, or someone hiking or camping overnight. Best of all, these blankets are easy to keep clean: most waterproof blankets are machine-washable and can be spot cleaned with soap and water. Check out our favorites below:

1. Best Overall

Outdoor Waterproof Blanket by Oceas - Amazon, $41.99

This extra-large blanket is perfect for a huge variety of uses. On top of being waterproof, the polyurethane backing is also windproof. The polar fleece interior is designed to keep you insulated and warm, making it a great camping blanket or your go-to option for sporting events. The waterproof backing is coated with polyurethane, ensuring strong and sturdy protection against all weather. One five-star reviewer wrote: "Convenient to carry and store, as the roll up into a small ball that is held in place by the elastic strap. If you are needing something to keep you warm, besides alcohol in your hot chocolate... THIS IS IT!!"

2. Another Solid Option 

Down Under Outdoors Waterproof Blanket - Amazon, $41.99 

Perfect as an outdoor picnic blanket, this Down Under Outdoors blanket is super-thick, wind-proof, and waterproof. It's machine-washable and has thick fleece on the underside, making this a great choice for stadiums, too. We also love that this has a discreet zippered pocket, which is great for keeping essentials like phones, keys, and your wallet from getting wet. In fact, one reviewer writes: "We thought we would test how waterproof it is ourselves. I got the hose out with one of my kids hiding under the blanket and sprayed the hose on full all over the blanket for 5 minutes. He came out completely dry, that's waterproof enough for our needs."

3. The Best Budget-Friendly Option

URPRO Waterproof Warm Fleece Outdoor Blanket - Amazon, $24.90

This budget-friendly blanket comes in at under $25 and is a large and lightweight option: Place it on wet grass or use it as a comfy beach mat. It comes with a sack to keep it conveniently stored, and the interior is a soft fleece to keep you warm while out and about. It's great for outdoor camping or an indoor blanket for your pets — use it as a couch cover when your dog comes in from a muddy walk.

4. A  Great Addition To Your Emergency Kit

Prepared4x Emergency Ponch and Blanket (4-Pack) - Amazon, $19.95

If you're looking for a multi-purpose blanket to keep in your emergency kit, try out this four-pack from Prepared4x.  This dual blanket and poncho is made from mylar — which is a tear-resistant, NASA-engineered fabric that will keep you safe and dry. It will also retain 90% of your heat, so if you're stuck in a cold situation, you won't be putting yourself at risk. It's large enough to fit yourself and your blanket, so your belongings won't have to get wet either.

5. This Sand-Proof Option For The Beach

LIVN LIFE Outdoor Waterproof Picnic Blankets - Amazon, $27.99

This blanket folds up into a stylish and convenient tote, making it perfect to grab and take to the beach. It's also sand-proof in addition to being waterproof, so this really is the perfect option for summer days. The PVC side keeps grass or sand from sticking to it, so it would also make a great blanket for summer hiking or camping adventures as well. It's not machine-washable, but you can spot clean this, and it comes in a few gorgeous colors.

6. The Best Two-Person Option

Leisure Co Large Outdoor Blanket - Amazon, $29.99 

This windproof blanket has a soft fleece inner lining for keeping you warm. It works great on car seats for pets or after a day at the beach. Place it in the washing machine to get it nice and clean — and it also fits two people, so this is great to use as an extra blanket if you're camping with a spouse or significant other. The fleece inner lining makes it warm and the waterproof stitching makes sure water won't leak into the other side.

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This article was originally published on April 5, 2021.