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The 5 Best Outdoor Sinks for Camping & Cooking

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While some people are perfectly fine with cleaning fish and game in their kitchen sink — understandably, some aren't. Combine the odor with the unavoidable mess, descaling or deboning is definitely a task better done outside. An outdoor sink can make this task easier and more convenient: You can use it to descale and clean your fish or game, but it also comes with additional uses that will make the purchase well worth it. Bring it to your next camping site to cook with, as they also provide a surface to prep everything. Plus, having a place to do dishes, wash your hands, or freshen up can be so helpful. They make a few types of outdoor sinks that come in handy for all types of outdoor uses: there are foldable ones to connect to a garden hose, or ones that hold water so you can use it without the hose connection. We rounded up the best options below:

1. The Best Option to Clean Fish & Game

Kotulas Outdoor Fish & Game Portable Cleaning Table - Amazon, $134.99

This portable, foldable stainless steel table from Kotulas has a space to gut the fish, as well as a sink to wash up and clean it. The faucet can attach to a garden hose and has a flexible sprayer for easy use — plus, the perimeter of the table also has a groove to catch any liquids and deposit them right into the sink.

2. An Option With Dual Sinks

Coldcreek Outfitters Outdoor Washing Table and Sink - Amazon, $179.99

This outdoor station has two sinks, which is a great option if you're cleaning a lot of fish or game — or working in tandem with other people. We especially love that it has a compartment you can place a bag into and use as a trash receptacle. One reviewer writes: "We fish a lot. Get big reds and black drum. It is much nicer to clean them outside and be able to hose it all down when done. Convenient to set up and take down, simple bucket under the drain to catch blood and guts."

3. The Best Option for Camping

SereneLife Portable Camping Sink - Amazon, $89.99

SereneLife's portable sink is an affordable, basic option that does exactly what you need it to: and will be perfect for an off-the-grid camping weekend that still allows for you to have some essentials. It has nice features like a soap dispenser and a towel holder, and it's food-safe, too. The foot pump easily pushes water out of the reservoir and onto your hands, and it holds up to five gallons of water at a time.

4. A Basic, Affordable Option for Dishes 

AceCamp Multifunctional Collapsible Water Basin - Amazon, $22.99

If you're just looking for a simple solution to rinse off gear or do dishes, this double basin sink is under $25 and will do everything you need it to. This vinyl double basin sink is collapsible, lightweight, and versatile. Not only can you use it as an outdoor kitchen sink, but you can set them up as an ice bin, too, so it's perfect for camping. When it comes to trekking into the backcountry to get your outdoor fix, a top priority is minimizing the volume of gear you pack. Having a sink that literally folds down into a featherweight package makes packing all that much easier.

5. The Best Option for Your Backyard

BrylaneHome Outdoor Garden Sink with Hose Holder - Amazon, $302.78

This sink not only offers a cover for your basin but it's also one that doubles as an additional workspace when you slide it shut. Its ability to connect to a hose makes life way easier, too, and it it's perfect for your backyard, whether you're coming back from hunting or gardening pr just need to wash up. It also features a space to store some gear, too.

This post was originally published in December 2019.

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