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The 6 Best Outdoor Sinks of 2021 for Camping, Cooking, and More

outdoor sink

With an outdoor sink, you can keep the mess out of your home.

While some people are perfectly fine with cleaning fish and game in their kitchen sink, some might be kind of grossed out by the mess. Although the finished product is usually worth it, the process of cleaning your countertop and sink until it's spotless can be a job no one wants to do. Another thing you have to deal with is the awful smell. Cleaning fish is definitely a job for outside.

Because of the resources in your kitchen, it makes sense why you'd want to cut and clean there. That's where the cutting board is, and of course, your kitchen sink. To avoid the mess inside, you could always invest in a fish table or outdoor sink. Not only are they great for descaling, but they come in handy for outdoor cooking as well.

We tracked down a few favorites to give you an idea of the benefits of an outdoor sink. Which one would work best for you?

Outdoor Sinks for Cleaning Fish

1. Ktaxon Portable Folding Table

Outdoor Sink

Simply hook up the garden hose to the faucet, and you're good to go. You'll have enough workspace for your strainer, colander, and cleaning new catches! The tabletop is made of heavy-duty plastic, making it the perfect outdoor living sink and table.

2. Coldcreek Outfitters, Outdoor Washing Table and Sink

Outdoor Sink

This outdoor station has two sinks! If you're working with others or just need less counter space and extra sink areas, you'll be thankful for this high-quality sink.

It'll come in handy for your next BBQ.

Outdoor Sinks for Camping

3. SereneLife Portable Camping Sink

Outdoor Sink

SereneLife's portable sink is a top choice for many people. There are a soap dispenser and towel holder for rinsing your hands off. Not only is it great for outdoor use, but if your cabin needs a sink, this is a budget-friendly option. The durability is fantastic, and it won't take up a bunch of outdoor space.

4. AceCamp Multifunctional Collapsible Water Basin

Outdoor Sink

The functionality of this sink is fantastic! If you don't need a fancy bar sink or stainless steel sink for a grilling area and just need something simple for rinsing off outdoor gear, consider this double basin sink.

A vinyl double basin sink will get the job done. They're collapsible, light-weight, and versatile. Not only can you use them as an outdoor kitchen sink, but you can set them up as an ice bin, too. It's perfect for camping.

Outdoor Sinks for Outdoor Cooking/Bar Centers & Gardens

5. Sunstone Drop in Sink with Hot and Cold Water Faucet and Cutting Board

Sunstone Drop in Sink with Hot and Cold Water Faucet and Cutting Board

If you already have an outdoor bar or kitchen and are thinking about renovating, look no further than this option from Amazon. This single basin sink has a cold and hot water faucet. It works with most garbage disposals, and customers love it.

6. BrylaneHome Outdoor Garden Sink with Hose Holder, White

BrylaneHome Outdoor Garden Sink with Hose Holder, White

Consider mounting this sink to your wall for gardening products or a quick clean-up.

Find one you like, and it could help make the most of all your outdoor meal prepping and cooking adventures.

This post was originally published in December 2019.



The 6 Best Outdoor Sinks of 2021 for Camping, Cooking, and More